I am Val Johashen.   Singer/Songwriter.  Versatile.

As a child I have always loved singing.  Singing along to my favourite songs playing on the radio and saying to myself, one day I am going to be a singer.  Thinking to myself I don't know how I am going to do it but I will.  Being one of twins I was to be like the shy one and this would be more suited for my sister but somehow I was going to do it.

My influences are too many to mention and have a great love for any music that is pleasing to the ear.

People see me as a gospel singer.  I see myself as versatile.
My first song (Love Is All Around Me) was written in bed when I was recovering from illness.  It was if
I was willing myself to live.


The biggest highlights of my musical journey was when I sang at the Queen Elizabeth Hall South Bank
and to be in the Sam Smith's video .Stay With Me.

I have a great love or nature and most of my songs were written out doors.

I will continue to write and produce music as long as i am able to and hope to be liked by someone.

Many thanks for checking me out.



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